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                                  December Events 2023

Setting Goals That Help You Balance Work & Family

Practical reminders and techniques for those seeking balance and family time. 

Time Management - Part I & II 

Presenting to Breathe of Life Ministries - 7 Key Strategies for Time Management. How to be more effective in managing your time!

🗝️ Setting goals is a must to plan where I want to go.

🗝️ Seven strategies to adapt winning time management habits and routines.

January Events 2023

Tracking Your Budget - The Basics

Tamara Gipson is a Kiva Entrepreneur and the CEO of @TTInnovates whose mission is to teach, train, innovate and provide solutions for their customers.

How do they help their clients to be successful?

✅ Build their customers’ skill sets, confidence levels, and knowledge so they can win.

✅ Provide computer training over software such as Microsoft Office products, Google, Apple, etc.

✅ Design solutions with graphic designing and website creation and upkeep.

✅ Hosting, preparing and supporting small and large events.

✅ Technical support for in-person or virtual events.

✅ Assists teacher candidates to get fully certified through Ezer Foundation program. 

December Events 2022

We are continuing this event for the month of December. The success was so overwhelming that we are bringing it back. Hope you will join us as we break down a competency and share tips. 

Glad to partner with Build-a-Pizza to bring holiday cheer. So happy to participate in this Greenspoint community event. See you next time!

November Events 2022

Ezer Foundations Event

We're hosting a month of free Think it Through Thursday's meet-ups. Are you a teacher candidate? Studying and preparing for EC391, then come join us for a 45- minute intense study of EC391 & PPR160. 

October Events 2022

We're celebrating Dyslexia awareness for the month of October! We'll choose a campus to brighten their day for their hard work in the area of Dyslexia. But our overall goal is to shed like on this brain-based reading disability that impairs a person's ability to read. We are in the fight! #goredfordyslexia #untileveryonecanread

September Events 2022

Worldwide Barrier Breaker - SHIFT 2022

September we are celebrating 2 days of Connecting, Inspiring, and Thriving with Worldwide Barrier Breaker https://wbbworldwide.com/ If you missed the SHIFT get ready for March 2023. 

August Events 2022

Educating Yourself is Important

I committed to TTIS's growth by joining a great group of small business owners for a 10-week course through Baker's Ripley. It provided way more than the $1,000 Fan Favorite prize earned. #knowlegeiskey

July Events 2022


Our series of short talks continue but from Paris, France. Subscribe to our Youtube channel today! Don't miss a moment of our interaction and insight into our 2 year journey to become Government Ready!

Thank you Thrivent

Our latest project with Thrivent Action Teams & Boys & Girls Club of Greater Houston was awesome! July 2022

  🎈 Extended🎈

 We've extended our Summer Reading Challenge. With the help of Thrivent Action Team we've planning another event in our local area to advance our Reading Initiative! Thank you, Thrivent for your continued support to our community!


May Events 2022


 We're so excited to support two classrooms' love of reading for our Summer Reading Challenge. We had the pleasure of assisting Tamara's Techbytes in 2021 and planned an event to continue the Reading Initiative! Thank you, Thrivent for your continued support to our community!