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Individual/Small Group sessions available

  • Live session to assist with your technical skill enhancement. Payment due at time of service. Book 1 hour and get a discount. Group rate: Minimum of 5 or more people for small group rate.


  • Live session to analyze your results, review study materials, walk away with a plan of actions that works.

Webinars/ Live Sessions

  • Short classes to guide you toward your goal. Q&A following each session. 4 sessions discount available. 

Moreh Institute-Classroom Tools

  • Join the Moreh Academy-offering Classroom Management Solutions. Click the #2 to find out more. 


  • Schedule, set-up, train presenters-how to use the system. Conference tools via Hopin and Sched. Full Package call for more details. 
  • Advertise and market conference/workshop. Tech support provided for the day of the event. Create replay highlights for next day session.

Website Design

  • Website design, maintenance, and schematics. Contact us for a quote.

Tech Support

  • Are you planning an event? We provide tech support and/or a help desk to assist your participants. Contact us for a quote. 

Graphic Design

  • Are you looking for a sleek design? Let us build it for you...animated designs, static, brochures, social media, etc. Contact us to work out the details and for a quote.